Just as a writer can sit staring at a blank page for hours on end, so too might an artist find themselves creatively blocked. Writers often turn to prompts for motivation or inspiration—a jumping-off point that asks them to write about their silliest childhood memory or a character in a specific setting, for example. Likewise, character generators exist to infuse artists with renewed creative energy and ideas they may have never thought about before.

Whether you’re creating characters for D&D or your next great novel, read on for a selection of character generators that will certainly get your wheels turning. 

Finding, creating, and exploring your characters often starts with honing in on your personal artistic style. Learn from Osheen Siva with these helpful tips to discover and nurture your unique POV.

Structured vs. Random Character Generators

There are two main types of character generators. A structured character generator is typically a couple of sentences that offer a brief for your character’s back story, appearance, and personality. It serves as a prompt to follow. 

A random character generator, typically online, changes with each refresh. With the click of a button, these generators will randomly choose the age, gender, appearance, powers, or any other defining traits of a character for you. 

7 Character Generators

Here, we’ll share a few of our favorite character generators for every genre—both structured and random. 

1. Anime Character Generator

anime character generator

If you’re inspired by visuals, check out the anime character generator by MakeGirlsMoe—which allows you to visually craft your character. You can choose elements like hair color and accessories, or leave it up to random chance! 

2. Animated Character Generator

Creating an animated character is no different than creating any other type of character: It starts with developing their backstory and defining traits before sketching them out and incorporating movement and motion. The character generator by Masterpiece Generator will get you started, allowing you to choose (or get random options) for everything from hobbies to political leaning. 

3. D&D and Pathfinder Character Generator

dungeons and dragons character

There’s an incredible array of D&D and Pathfinder character generator tools out there—many with robust and complex features. But if you’re new to the world and looking to get started quickly, try the generator at Tetra Cube, which feeds you all kinds of different characters and allows you to quickly shuffle through traits, flaws, tattoos, superstitions, and more.

4. Fantasy Character Generator

character description

Inspired by super descriptive, fantastical imagery? Check out the fantasy character generator from Fantasy Name Generators, which serves up incredibly detailed descriptions of elves, goblins, werewolves, and more mystical creatures. 

5. Cartoon Character Generator

character drawing generagor

Whether you want to draw a human, an animal, or even an inanimate object, this cartoon character generator by Bardot Brush provides short, specific prompts that you can use as inspiration to create never-seen-before characters. 

6. Random Video Game Character Generator

With everything from anthropomorphic animal characters to super ninja characters, this resource by Seventh Sanctum is perfect for a video game character generator to get your creativity flowing! 

7. 3D Character Generator

3D character creation is an art form all unto its own. This random 3D character generator by Autodesk allows you to build a character using features from its inventory. Once finalized, import your creation into Autodesk Maya or other advanced software and bring it to life with animation. 

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Who Will You Create?

Don’t let a creative block keep you from drawing and designing characters! There are so many ways to get ideas and motivation. Choose one of these random character generators, and see what it inspires.

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