Looking to take your marketing efforts up a notch? Here are a few simple ideas you may not be utilizing.

By now you probably know the most common ways to market your class – share your class in an email newsletter, add a link to your social media profiles, and engage with your students in the class discussion board.

These methods are all incredibly important in building and engaging your Skillshare following. However, if you’re looking to add something new to your marketing repertoire, read on and think about how you could apply one or more of these methods to your class!

1. Going out of town? Include a link to your class in your out of office email. Even better, add a link to your class to your email signature. For a great example, check out Maddy Osman’s email signature below.

Maddy's email signature marketing her class

2. Create a short promo video (or use your intro video) and publish it to YouTube. Include a link to your full Skillshare class in the video description.

3. Reach out to your favorite blogger and offer to write a guest post for their site. This will get your name in front of a new audience and also help you build credibility. Be sure to include a link to your Skillshare class in the author section.

4. Does your class teach people to use a certain software? Share a description of your class and a link to your class in the discussion board of whatever software your class uses. For example, Chris Heath taught a class on using Affinity Designer to create a decorative pattern. He posted a brief class description and link to his class in the tutorials section of the Affinity Designer forum.

chris marketing class

5. Take your online presence offline! Give a talk at a local school, library, or community center. For even more ideas, browse Meetup for groups that may be aligned with your class topic.

Finally, one of the most tried and true ways to market your class and engage your students is to teach again! Teach Again

Written by:

Astrid Adam