Every writer has suffered from writer’s block at some point. Even for the most experienced writers, the blank page can be an intimidating place to start—which is why it’s always a smart idea to have some good creative writing prompts to turn to. 

Writing prompts can help you ideate topics and dialogue that may not have been top of mind. And the best creative writing prompts can elicit memories and feelings to support you in writing moving and inspiring pieces. 

If you need some support tapping into your inner genius for your next project, here are 45 writing prompts for all types of creative writing. 

What is a Creative Writing Prompt?

Creative writing is any type of writing that exists outside the bounds of traditional writing like journalism, academic, or professional. It can exist as a poem, a personal essay, a fiction novel, or a mix of all of them. 

Writing prompts are an invitation to craft a story about a particular topic—a suggestion to get the creative wheels turning. Whether they’re from your own life or from your imagination, there are so many options out there for stories, so prompts can help guide your plot and characters. 

From there? It’s up to you as the writer to create the world you’d like to see. This is what makes creative writing so much fun! Whether your words create a fantasy world, an apocalyptic world, or a beautifully detailed version of the mundane, the creativity lies within your head alone.  

The best creative writing prompts tap into life experiences or things you’ve observed others doing, with the goal of eliciting and evoking certain emotions you can weave into your stories. 

Daily Writing Prompts 

Many writers don’t want you to know their secret to success, but we’re not about keeping secrets from you! We want to see that inner genius thrive. 

A lot of successful writers don’t always want to write. In order to write through this resistance, they’ll often create daily writing routines that help them put pen to paper, no matter what. 

Routines help us grow. If you start to cook every day, then you’ll eventually become a better cook. The same goes for writing, and daily writing prompts help you structure the routine so you can perform your best and always show up to write. 

If you’re looking for daily writing prompts, here’s a list that can help you stick to your writing routine. 

  1. Keep a gratitude journal and write in detail about the things you’re grateful for. 
  2. Listen to conversations and write down interesting dialogue. Eavesdrop at a coffee shop or on a bus, and take notes! 
  3. Write about a different person every day. 
  4. Go on a walk, notice a plant or bird, and write about its features in detail.
  5. Keep a journal and tracker of your goals. Write about one thing you did every day to achieve them. 

Best Writing Prompts for Every Style of Creative Writing

Romance Writing Prompts

Love stories never go out of style, and who doesn’t love reading a juicy, romantic piece of creative writing? Here are five story or book writing prompts to help you write that burning romantic fiction piece you’ve been waiting for. 

  1. Write about your greatest heartbreak. What did you learn from it? How did you take that into your next relationship?
  2. Think of a couple you love to be around. Why are they so magnetic? 
  3. What is one thing you wish you would have said to a former flame? Write about it and what would’ve happened if you told them. 
  4. Write about living in a modern-day castle. What would you need to make the perfect fairytale ending? 
  5. Imagine a near-death experience. Someone saves you, and you fall in love with them at first sight. Write about how the relationship can develop. 

Fiction Writing Prompts 

Fiction is one of the most fun, creative forms of writing because you can write about literally anything you’d like! A good place to start is to take events that have happened in your own life and use them to inspire a brand-new narrative. If you’re ready to write that fiction novel, here are five story writing prompts for you. 

  1. You (or your main character), just left town and sold everything you own. Where’d you go? Why?
  2. An Amazon order came promptly, but no one expected what was inside the box. 
  3. A long-lost love disappeared suddenly. Years later, you run into them in the most unexpected places. 
  4. Your best friend left out of the blue, and you have no idea where or why they went. Write about your journey to find them. 
  5. A man came to fix your house, but he ended up breaking more than he fixed. Write about that disaster. 

Poetry Writing Prompts 

Beautiful, simple lines can evoke so much meaning! Poetry can break every rule in the book and deliver beautiful, moving results. If you’re dying to tap into the prolific poet within, here are five poem writing prompts to help. 

  1. Take a walk through a nature trail, and write a poem about what you see on your walk. 
  2. Create a poem using descriptive details about a person you love. 
  3. Write about a day you laughed instead of cried. 
  4. Describe how a particular color makes you feel. 
  5. Write about what you feel right before you fall asleep or right after you wake up. 

Writing Prompts for Kids

Got a rainy day on your hands and don’t want the kids sitting in front of screens for hours? Give them some pencil and paper, and let their imaginations soar to new heights with these writing prompts for kids. 

  1. Write a story about the first animal you see outside your window. 
  2. What would life be like if you could breathe underwater? 
  3. Begin a story with “It was a dark and stormy night…” 
  4. When you got to school, no one was there. Write about your day. 
  5. Write a story about your favorite book, movie, or TV character with you in it. 

Writing Prompts for Adults

Adults can have fun imaginations, too! Channel your inner muse and ideate on these five creative writing prompts for adults. 

  1. Define what love means to you. 
  2. Write about what life would be like if you were to have your dream job. 
  3. Write about self care. How do you love and show compassion to yourself? 
  4. What was the best gift you ever received? What did you love about it? How did you feel when you opened it?
  5. What’s one thing you wished you knew 10 years ago?

Science Fiction Writing Prompts 

Aliens, laboratories, doctors, oh my! But science fiction writing also includes all the elements of storytelling in any genre, like drama, tension, comedy, and romance. Try one of these science fiction creative writing prompts for your next story. 

  1. Write about what would happen if scientists had a pill that cured cancer. 
  2. You’re lost in space. Write about how you got there and how you’re going to get back. 
  3. What is life like 50+ years into the future? Write about what your house looks like, who lives in it, and what the world is like. 
  4. Write about what would happen if the past and the future co-existed. 
  5. What would happen if your family suddenly became sick, and you had to travel to a mystic place to find the cure. 

Best Writing Prompts for Visual Writers

If you tend to be more inspired by images than by words, here are some visual creative writing prompts that can help you jog vivid memories and write beautiful prose. 

  1. Visualize what’s currently inside your favorite room. Why are those things in there? Who bought them? 
  2. Visualize the location of the first vacation you took by yourself. What are the elements you remember most, and what do they remind you of?
  3. Visualize yourself winning an award or reaching an important goal, and write about your pride. 
  4. Write about what it feels like to drive through a scenic stretch of road
  5. Imagine one of your favorite days—a wedding or celebration, for example. Write about your feelings and how the day ended. 

Where to Find Writing Prompts 

A simple Google search can lead you in the direction of finding some good creative writing prompts. But it’s important to remember that writing prompts can exist anywhere. The world is your oyster. Nothing is off-limits when it comes to your inspiration. 

If you’re looking for the perfect writing prompt, then think about when you’ve felt intense feelings, whether joy, sorrow, regret, or anything else. What situation invoked those feelings? That’s always a great place to start when you’re looking for writing prompts. 

Free Prompts for Everyone

Writing prompts don’t have to be complicated. While there are generators and journals out there that will gladly accept your money, free writing prompts are easy to find—both on the internet (hello, right here!) and in your daily life. 

Remember, everything in your life can be a writing prompt—from what you cooked for dinner to what your favorite TV show was as a kid. Each of these can trigger memories and stories that readers can enjoy. Here are some free writing prompts that you can experience nearly every day. 

  1. Write about the first conversation you had of the day. 
  2. Write about your evening routine in vivid detail. 
  3. Imagine you’re best friends with your favorite book character, and write about what a day with them would be like. 
  4. Go to a nearby park or store and write about someone there who interests you. 
  5. Think about your favorite neighborhood restaurant or store, and write about its back story. 

Get Writing!

Creative writing should be fun! But just because it’s fun doesn’t mean you can nix the discipline and routine needed to grow your inner genius. Whether you’re writing creative stories for yourself or you’ve already written several novels, writing prompts can help you in your journey. 

So, grab your notebook or laptop and get started! We can’t wait to see what you create. 

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Written by:

Mindy Morgan Avitia