As children, we spend much of our time playing, discovering, and creating, but as we grow older, our lives get taken over by chores, errands, and jobs. While those things are obviously non-negotiables, it’s also important to make time for leisure and let yourself “play” again.

Having a hobby can add more balance and meaning to your life, reduce stress, and help you maintain physical and mental health. You can even make money from hobbies if you choose to turn them into side hustles (although that’s not totally the point). 

Read on to discover how to find a new hobby, along with a list of 35 ideas for hobbies you can try. Whether your goal is making money from hobbies or simply enjoying yourself, you’ll be sure to find something that interests you. 

How to Find a Hobby

Making your own jewelry is a hobby you can wear!

The first step to finding a hobby is to look back at what you enjoyed as a child—that’s usually a good indicator of the types of hobbies you naturally find interesting. 

That being said, there is a world of cool hobbies out there that we simply never got exposed to as children, or didn’t have the time or resources to try. 

That’s why, when setting out to find new hobbies, it’s also a good idea to browse through examples of hobbies or look at what fun hobbies other people have for inspiration. You never know what’s possible until you read or hear about it!

Once you’ve come up with a short list of hobbies that sound interesting, the next step is to try them out. A hobby might sound fun on paper but fail to engage and fulfill you in real life, so it’s important to give each hobby on your shortlist a test drive.

If a hobby you’d like to try out requires special tools or equipment, see if you can borrow them from a friend or find alternatives among things you already own. This way, you won’t feel stuck with a hobby you don’t actually enjoy or guilty for not using the things you spent hundreds of dollars on. 

It’s perfectly normal to try a new hobby for a few days, weeks, or even months, before deciding it’s not for you. That’s the fun part about hobbies—there’s no pressure to commit or choose something quickly. Take your time trying out different activities until you find something you truly love. 

A Fun List of Hobbies to Try

To help you find inspiration for a new hobby, we’ve compiled a list of 35 hobbies you can browse through. Feel free to check them all out in order—or jump to a section that interests you most. 

Crafting Hobbies

plant needlwork
Needlework by embroidery artist Floor Giebels
  1. Needlework 

There’s something very therapeutic about activities like embroidery and cross-stitching. It takes hours of work and lots of patience, but the result is a beautiful piece of art or home decor that you can be proud of. 

  1. Knitting or Crocheting 

When the weather outside gets cold or wet (or both!), there’s nothing cozier than settling in on the couch with a knitting or crocheting project. Not to mention, you end up creating beautiful hats, scarves, and blankets to keep you warm. 

  1. Scrapbooking 

Scrapbooking is a wonderful way to document your life and preserve your favorite memories from trips and special events. It’s a great creative outlet, too, since there’s so much freedom to decorate each spread as you’d like. 

  1. Card Making 

There’s nothing more special than receiving a handmade greeting card. Surprise your friends and family by making custom cards for their birthdays, holidays, and special occasions. All you need is scrapbook paper and your imagination! 

  1. Making Jewelry

Wearing jewelry instantly elevates any outfit and allows you to show off your personal style. Take this a step further and try creating your own unique jewelry. You can also make special pieces to give away as gifts to friends and family or even sell them online. 

Outdoor Hobbies

You don’t need a yard for a garden!
  1. Gardening

Taking care of plants does wonders for our mental health. Plus, if you have a vegetable garden, you’ll end the season with fresh, healthy produce. You don’t have to have a lot of backyard space to garden, either—plenty of people have balcony and patio gardens.

  1. Beekeeping

As pollinators, bees are absolutely crucial for the environment. If you have the space, you can help by setting up a few hives. Getting the tools and equipment to maintain your bees will be a bit of an investment, but it’s well worth it! Plus, you get delicious honey to enjoy and share with friends and family. 

  1. Fishing

If you love nature, fishing is a great way to escape the hectic day-to-day life and enjoy some peace and quiet by the water. For avid fishers, the pride and satisfaction that comes with catching a fish is almost addicting! 

  1. Birdwatching 

Birdwatching is another peaceful and mindful hobby that gets you away from the demands of modern-day life. There are countless species of birds, all unique and beautiful in their own ways. Research which types of birds reside in your area and make birdwatching into a scavenger hunt to make it more challenging and exciting. 

  1. Playing Sports

Staying active is vital to our physical and mental health. You don’t need a team of other people to enjoy outdoor sports, either. There are plenty of sports you can play by yourself, such as running, rollerblading, skateboarding, skiing, snowboarding, swimming, kayaking, and cycling. 

Indoor Hobbies

Painting offers countless opportunities for creativity.
  1. Drawing or Painting

You don’t have to be an incredibly skilled artist to enjoy drawing or painting. Plus, there are countless online classes that will teach you the basics of sketching, watercolor painting, and illustration. Even simple doodling can be a therapeutic practice.  

  1. Coloring

It’s time to ditch the idea that coloring is just for kids—it’s a relaxing and meditative hobby you can enjoy at any age. These days, there are plenty of adult coloring books and printable sheets with intricate designs and mandalas. You can even color digitally with apps like Procreate.

  1. Origami

The ancient art of paper folding is a wonderful hobby that teaches patience and precision while giving your mind a break. Projects range from simple creations to complex works of art—how far you take it is completely up to you. Whatever you choose, there are countless tutorials available online

  1. Candle or Soap Making

Activities that stimulate multiple senses make some of the best hobbies. If you love aromatherapy, self-care, and at-home spa days, you’ll love making your own candles, soaps, and bath bombs. You can infuse them with your favorite scents and colors, then enjoy them by yourself or give them away as gifts. 

  1. Calligraphy

Calligraphy is another therapeutic hobby that’s perfect for when you need to slow down and take a break, since it forces you to focus and keep steady. Not to mention, being able to write in beautiful hand-lettering is a great life skill to have—you can use it to instantly enhance and add a personal touch to any illustration, card, or letter. 

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Unusual Hobbies

miniature street
Source: Unsplash
Building miniature models
  1. Building Miniature Models

Creating models requires a multitude of skills, including planning, researching, designing, sculpting, gluing, painting, and even photography. You can create railroads, houses, or any other type of diorama, and challenge yourself to make them look as realistic as possible. 

  1. Geocaching 

Geocaching is a global treasure hunt. Participants hide stashes of objects, called geocaches, in locations all over the world, then provide clues for how to find them. Treasure hunters use GPS coordinates to find them, sign the logbook, and return the geocache for other users to find. It’s a fun and community-driven way to get outside and get active. 

  1. Metal Detecting 

Do you dream of finding buried treasure? Then metal detecting might be for you. Though you’re unlikely to find anything worth a fortune, it’s still a great way to explore new areas and get in a few thousand steps while doing it.

  1. Learning Magic

Impress your friends at parties with mind-blowing magic tricks. They’ll take a lot of patience and practice to learn at first, but once you’ve mastered the basics, new tricks will be much easier to pick up. Look to online tutorials to get you started with learning magic.  

  1. Collecting 

Collecting has been around for thousands of years and involves searching for, acquiring, cataloging, and displaying items in a certain category. From candy wrappers to doorknobs, if it can be collected, someone is out there collecting it. Some of the most popular collecting hobbies include collecting stamps, coins, vinyl records, comic books, and trading cards, though you can certainly collect just about anything! 

Online Hobbies

man talking on youtube
As Marques Brownlee shows, you can start a wildly successful YouTube channel from home!
  1. Starting a YouTube Channel

Do you have something to teach or share with the world? Do you live a lifestyle that others may find inspiring? Then consider starting a YouTube channel. You can make videos with equipment you already own, like your phone, and upgrade slowly as your community grows. 

  1. Growing a Following on Social Media 

If making YouTube videos sounds like too much work, you can try making short-form content for other social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok. Simply identify your niche and start posting—your people will find you! 

  1. Blogging

If you love writing, blogging is the ultimate online hobby. You can write about lifestyle, travel, fashion, cooking, fitness, or anything else you’re interested in. The key is to provide value to your potential readers. Keep blogging consistently and it may even end up turning into a source of passive income for you. 

  1. Podcasting

Not a fan of writing or filming videos, but still want to get your message out there? Podcasting may be just the platform for you. It’s as casual as chatting with a friend. Plus, people love podcasts because they can listen to them while doing something else. 

  1. Online Gaming

When played in moderation, online games can be a great way to relieve stress, challenge your skills, and hang out remotely with friends. From video games to online board games, puzzles, and escape rooms, there are thousands of options to keep you entertained. 

Hobbies You Can Do at Home

Source: Unsplash
Playing chess
  1. Playing Chess

Chess is a sport you can play sitting down and in the comfort of your own home. It’s a fascinating game that challenges and exercises your mind. You can play it in-person with a friend or a family member or use an app to play with someone remotely or with a computer. 

  1. Yoga

Yoga is an amazing way to take care of your body and mind at the same time. If you’ve never tried it before, it’s more of a workout than you might think! Yoga improves your strength, flexibility, and balance, relieves pain, and helps you manage stress. Throw on an online class and see for yourself.

  1. Learning a New Language 

Have you always wanted to speak another language? It takes time and dedication, but the process can be extremely fun and rewarding. There are so many resources available, too, so you never have to do it alone. 

  1. Creative Writing or Poetry

You don’t have to be a professional writer to enjoy creative writing or poetry. All it takes is an idea you’re passionate about and the desire to express yourself. You don’t even have to show it to anyone—just writing for yourself can be a therapeutic creative outlet. 

  1. Playing Music 

Have you always wanted to play an instrument? If you’re not sure which one you’d like to learn, see if you can borrow instruments from your local music store until you find one you like and are ready to purchase it. No matter which instrument you choose, you’ll be guaranteed to find plenty of online tutorials that will help you get started. 

Hobbies That Make Money

Make and sell handmade goods
  1. Selling Handmade Goods

Making an income from hobbies is easy if you enjoy all things DIY. Whatever your craft, there’s great demand for good quality, hand-crafted clothes, accessories, art, and home decor. Take your creations to an artisan market or post them on Etsy to find potential buyers. 

  1. Selling Vintage Clothes

Love thrift shopping but running out of room in your closet? Scoring great finds at the thrift store is a skill that should be rewarded. Re-sell your purchases on sites like eBay, Depop, thredUP, or Poshmark to make a quick profit. 

  1. Restoring Furniture

Have you ever seen furniture pieces sitting on the side of the road, patiently waiting to be taken to the landfill? Breathe new life into them by giving them some TLC or maybe even an entire makeover. You can then keep them for yourself or sell them on Facebook Marketplace. 

  1. Baking

Who doesn’t love a box of freshly baked cookies or cupcakes? Turn your hobby into a small business by selling your baked goods at the farmer’s market or delivering them to people and offices in your area. 

  1. Photography

You don’t need fancy equipment to start learning photography skills. If you have the budget for a DSLR camera and editing software, you could sell your work as stock photography or make yourself available for hire at events and personal photoshoots. 


So there you have it! Hopefully, this list has given you plenty of ideas for new ways to spend your time. Which of these hobbies will you be trying? 

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