Sure, you can buy beautiful earrings that reflect your style, but why not take your fashion individuality up another notch by learning how to make them yourself? 

Whether you’re a complete beginner to jewelry making or have experience with other crafts that can be adapted to make earrings, there are so many possibilities. Use these examples of beautiful DIY earrings for inspiration.

21 Beautiful DIY Earrings to Make

1. Tiny Wire Earrings

wire earrings
Small cute earrings made from wire.

Just learning how to make earrings? These wire studs are an ideal project for beginners as they don’t require many supplies and are quick to make.

2. Flower Chandelier Earrings

wire earrings
Flower chandelier earrings made from wire.

You only need a small amount of new or scrap wire to make these delicate chandelier earrings.

3. Paper Earrings

paper earrings
Cool earrings by Stephanie D’Angelo for How to Make Beautiful Earrings from Paper

Paper earrings are surprisingly strong and durable, and they can be made from items that you probably already have at home.

4. Simple Polymer Clay Earrings

polymer clay earrings
Polymer clay earrings with an abstract design.

Polymer clay is straightforward (and fun!) to work with and beginners can make all kinds of creative earrings from the medium easily.

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5. Polymer Clay Christmas Cookie Earrings

gingerbread earrings
Gingerbread people make cute earrings.

Festive-themed earrings, such as these gingerbread people, add a sweet touch to the holiday season.

6. Polymer Clay Woodland Mushroom Earrings

mushroom earrings
Cool earrings made from polymer clay.

Channel your inner woodland sprite and make these quirky mushroom earrings from polymer clay. 

7. Crystal Bead Earrings

beaded earrings
Student work by Elena Fay for Creating Earrings in Beadwork Technique

The central crystals in these earrings are framed by tiny beads. They’re simple to make—you just need some patience for the beadwork!

8. Filigree Heart Earrings

rolled paper earrings
Filigree heart earrings made from quilled paper.

Using the papercraft technique of quilling, these heart earrings look complex but are actually quite simple.

9. No-Solder Silver Hoop Earrings

silver hoops
Silver hoop earrings embossed with a floral design.

These silver hoop earrings are a good way to practice metalwork techniques as they require some special equipment (such as saws) but aren’t soldered.

10. Scrap Silver Teardrop Earrings

silver scrap earrings
Drop earrings made from scrap silver.

If you’ve worked with silver before and have scraps left over from other projects, give them new life with these stylish earrings.

11. Hammered Dot Earrings

silver earrings
Student work by Joanne Tinley for Rustic Hammered Dot Earrings

Another great project for leftover scrap silver, these silver dots are hammered flat and then soldered together, and require a few metalworking tools.

12. Beaded Teardrop Earrings

silver hoop earrings
Silver and gemstone earrings.

Use semi-precious gemstones or glass beads to make these silver teardrop earrings.

13. Basic Resin Earrings

blue resin earrings
Resin and silver earrings with a matching necklace.

Resin is a versatile medium for jewelry making, though it’s best to have a bit of experience before diving into this project. 

14. Simple Crochet Earrings

crochet earrings
Crochet some cool earrings.

Whether you’re a crochet whiz or have never picked up a hook before, these fun crochet earrings are easy to make.

15. Crochet Flower Dangle Earrings

hoop earrings with crochet flowers
Hoop earrings decorated with beads and crochet flowers.

If you’re an experienced crocheter, these tiny crochet flowers make delicate and striking earrings that are perfect for formal occasions, like weddings.

16. Embroidery And Crochet Flower Earrings

embroidered flower earrings
Earrings made from crocheted and embroidered flowers.

If you have experience with embroidery as well as crocheting, these tiny flower earrings combine the two techniques into beautifully detailed earrings.

17. DIY Leather Earrings

leather earring
DIY leather earrings by Mary Hicken for Leather Earrings – Quick and Easy to Make

Making leather earrings is a good way to use up small pieces of scrap leather, and this leather earrings DIY tutorial makes the process easy.

18. Ribbon Tassel Earrings

ribbon tassle earrings
DIY tassel earrings made from ribbons.

Satin ribbon can be easily turned into pretty DIY tassel earrings.

19. Shrinky Dink Earrings

shrinky dink earrings
Shrinky dink earrings.

Shrinky dinks (plastic that can be drawn on and then shrunk to around ⅓ of the original size) aren’t just for kids—they can be made into fun jewelry, too.

20. Paper Bead Earrings

paper earrings
DIY beaded earrings can be made with paper.

Paper beads made from scrap or decorative paper can be used for all kinds of jewelry, like these drop earrings.

21. Pebble Bead Earrings

pebble earrings
Jasper stone DIY beaded earrings.

Natural stones that have been turned into beads are a beautiful medium for earrings, combined with silver hooks and spacing beads.

What Tools and Materials to Have on Hand for Making Earrings

wire and beads
Some tools you’ll need to make earrings.

The exact tools and materials you’ll need to make earrings will depend on exactly what you’re making. If you’re crafting leather or paper bead earrings, for example, you’ll need different tools than you will if you want to make hammered silver or gemstone jewelry. 

However, there are a number of tools that are essential or useful to make all sorts of earrings. Here are some important things to have in your toolkit:

  • Earring hooks (for dangle earrings)
  • Butterfly clips (to secure the backs of studs)
  • Wire (useful in many projects)
  • Wire cutters
  • Small beads (useful for spacing)

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Written by:

Elen Turner