Obsessed with podcasts? You’re about to be. There are tons of great programs out there at helping creative people improves their lives, and work. Many are made expressly for creatives, feature enlightening interviews with top professionals or analyze innovative ideas or projects. Others provide essential tips on how to improve your creative output, manage your time, or simply enjoy your work to the fullest. Not sure where to start? Here are 13 podcasts to help you begin.

Design Matters

The OG creatives-focused podcast still ranks as  one of the most popular to date. Founder and host Debbie Millman interviews design luminaries and cultural leaders from a wide range of creative fields on an endless array of topics, but placing  special emphasis on making a difference in the world.

100 Creatives

Children’s book author Sally Harris began this podcast in 2017 as part of her  quest to talk to 100 creative people in 100 days about “what makes them tick.” Now in its second season, the show focuses on creatives who make income from what they do and talks to them about how  exactly they made that happen.

99% Invisible

This award-winning podcast explores the “unnoticed architecture and design that shape our world.” Creator Roman Mars focuses each episode on single idea or design project. The show spun off another podcast in 2018 called Articles of Interest that looked specifically at fashion and clothing design.

Unmistakable Creative

In this weekly podcast, “Chief Creative Instigator,”  hostSrini Rao presents interviews with artists, entrepreneurs, social scientists, and thought-leaders of all types in an attempt to inspire and educate creatives. He particularly  focuses on identifying and accessing the tools creatives need to bring their long-term visions to life.

Accidental Creative

This twice-weekly podcast (now sponsored by Skillshare) offers practical tips and interviews intended to enhance your creative output. Popular episodes include “Creativity for Its Own Sake,” “Chasing Dreams (And When to Quit),” “Four Ways to Reclaim Creative Energy,” and “Why Many Creative Pros Struggle With Discipline.”


Created by JK Design, this podcast illuminates the unique creative processes that successful designers employ when they generate new work. Each episode features an interview with an accomplished designer that deconstructs a single project they created, from conception through the struggles of execution, to give listeners an inside-guide into how it was made.

Adventures in Design with Mark Brickey

This daily talk show (also sponsored by Skillshare) explores “how others design happiness into their professional lives.” Recent topics include “Are You Ready for the Freelance Designer Awards?” and “10 Tips & Tricks to Make You a Design Ninja!“ Paid subscriptions offer access to a library of more than 700 episodes.

Diseño Cha Cha Cha

This San Francisco-made, Spanish-language podcast features interviews with top Hispanic designers intended for a global audience. The idea is to promote diversity in the industry , and to connect with, and support, Spanish-speaking creatives living and working outside the major urban design hubs.

Hurry Slowly

Hosted by author Jocelyn K. Glei, Hurry Slowly is a podcast built on a single idea: “How you can be more productive, creative, and resilient through the simple act of slowing down?” Recent topics include “Using Technology With Intention,” “Nothing Important Comes With Instructions,” and “Prioritizing Rest and Reflection.”

Logo Geek

Manchester, England-based logo and branding specialist Ian Paget hosts this podcast to examine  exactly what it takes to design great logos. Paget interviews fellow logo designers and entrepreneurs to demystify that process, and to supplement those conversations maintains a Facebook group for  logo designers to share information and provide each other with feedback.


Each episode of this podcast, produced by the David Zwirner art gallery, pairs two artists from entirely different fields to discuss how art “shapes, elevates, and shifts our point of view—and the surprising twists and turns of the creative process.” One recent episode brought together photographer and multimedia artist Stan Douglas with jazz pianist and composer Jason Moran for an exploration of what it means to collaborate.

Monocle 24: Monocles on Design

Monocle 24 is a London-based, globally-focused radio show and podcast that covers news, culture, business, design and other subject areas, all filtered through in interest in entrepreneurship and 21st-century business innovation..

Savvy Painter

A weekly podcast by artist Antrese Wood, Savvy Painter focuses mostly on the business side of making art. Specific areas of focus include analyzing and adapting successful marketing solutions used by other artists, creating a body of work, capturing emotion in art, and building your business from the ground up. By joining the podcast’s email list you can get additional tips from the show’s guests and a chance to join an international community of like-minded artists.

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Written by:

Ken Korman