10 Best Cartoon Boy Characters of All Time—and How to Draw Your Own
Aug, 4 2021
Updated: Jul, 5 2022
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10 Best Cartoon Boy Characters of All Time—and How to Draw Your Own

Looking for a little nostalgia? Revisit some of your favorite boys from cartoons and then learn to draw a cartoon boy of your own.

Some say that cartoons are just for kids, but when you look at the vast array of animated shows airing today, it’s clear: cartoons are for everyone. We explore some of the best, most iconic boy cartoon characters below—then show you how you can create your own cartoon boy. 

10 Best Cartoon Boys

1. Johnny Bravo 

johnny bravo
Source: Fandom.com

Johnny Bravo is the title character of the animated series Johnny Bravo, which is known for its adult humor and pop culture references. The character design of Johnny Bravo—including his dark sunglasses and voluminous hair—is loosely based on Elvis Presley. 

2. Arthur

Source: Wikipedia
Arthur Read, star of Arthur, is an eight-year-old aardvark. 

The star of a book series and animated cartoon, Arthur Read is an eight-year-old aardvark. The cartoon premiered in 1996 and went on to broadcast 246 episodes about dealing with important family and health issues. 

3. Stewie Griffin 

Source: Fandom,com
Stewie Griffin is a toddler-age cartoon boy with a big personality.

A main character in the adult animated series Family Guy, Stewie Griffin is a little boy cartoon with a big personality. Fun fact: Stewie is the only character that appears in every episode. 

4. Bart Simpson

bart simpson
Source: Wikipedia
Ten-year-old Bart Simpson stars on The Simpsons. 

Bart Simpson is a well-recognized cartoon boy—known for his rebelliousness, mischievousness, and catchphrases like “Don’t have a cow, man!”

5. Charlie Brown 

charlie brown
Source: Wikipedia
Charlie Brown starred in the comic strip Peanuts. 

An iconic and instantly recognizable cartoon boy, Charlie Brown first appeared in the comic strip Peanuts. Since then, he’s appeared in a number of short and full-length animations

6. Robot Boy

robot boy
Source: Fandom,com
When activated, Robotboy can talk, fly, and fight. 

Robot Boy, Cartoon Network’s animated children’s series, stars a robot character aptly named Robotboy. He has three modes: deactivated (not able to walk or talk), activated (can talk, fly, and fight), and superactivated (can use weapons, like lasers and cannons). 

7. Tommy Pickles

tommy pickles
Source: Fandom.com
Tommy Pickles in his signature blue t-shirt and diaper. 

The lovable leader of the Rugrats crew, Tommy Pickles is an inquisitive and adventurous one-year-old cartoon boy. Wearing his signature blue t-shirt and diaper, Tommy often gets himself—and his toddler friends—into memorable situations. 

8. Phineas Flynn

Source: Fandom,com
Phineas Flynn is one of two boy cartoon characters that start on Phineas and Ferb. 

One of the title characters of the animated series Phineas and Ferb, Phineas Flynn is constantly trying to avoid boredom during summer vacation. Phineas has a striking and unique character design, with a sharp, triangular head and big, round eyes. 

9. Jimmy Neutron 

jimmy neutron
Source: Wikipedia
Cartoon boy genius Jimmy Neutron

Jimmy Neutron isn’t only known for his spectacularly tall hair, but also his ridiculously high IQ. Unlike most of the characters on this list, Jimmy Neutron is a 3D (rather than 2D) animated character. 

10. Fred Flinstone 

fred flintstone
Source: Fandom,com
Fred Flinstone coined the catchphrase “Yabba dabba doo!” 

One of the most recognizable boy cartoon characters, Fred Flinstone is known as a bowling aficionado, a loving husband and father, and the originator of the catchphrase, “Yabba dabba doo!”  

How to Create Your Own Cartoon Boy: 3 Classes

1. How to Draw Cartoon Caricature Fast and Easy

cartoon people
A cartoon caricature is a drawing based on a photo. 

Want to learn how to draw a cartoon boy that looks like you or someone you know? In this class, you’ll learn how to create cartoon caricatures based on a photo. The lessons walk through how to draw a cartoon boy step by step, from the head shape to the facial features, then explore character details, like how to draw cartoon boy hair and beards. 

2. Introduction to Cartoon Character Design

pirate cartoon
Several young boy characters dressed as pirates. 

This course guides you through the process of character design from start to finish. You’ll start by gathering inspiration for your character, move on to creating a rough sketch, then learn how to refine the details of the drawing. At a higher level, you’ll learn what constitutes a memorable, expressive cartoon boy. 

3. Character Design Crash Course: Designing Kids

cartoon kid
Certain qualities, like big eyes and soft round features, can make a cartoon character look young. 

This class focuses on how to draw cartoon boys of all ages, from newborns to young adults. You’ll learn tricks for how to age a character up or down, the qualities in kids that make them look young, and which qualities you can exaggerate through cartooning. 

Have an idea of the boy character you want to illustrate? Follow these tips to bring that little guy to life.

Who knows? Maybe you’ll create the next iconic boy cartoon character. Jump in and see where character design can take you. 

Design Characters Like the Ones You See on TV 

Introduction to Cartoon Character Design

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