making a card

making a card - student project

i didnt have the program you did, so i used procreate. i will have to try and redo this another time because i would like to try the technique you used for text


i used the frog i learned to draw from this course

making a card - image 1 - student project

making a card - image 2 - student project


maybe add a cake, im not sure. will definitely find the time to try again

making a card - image 3 - student project


i tried to kinda animate it, but i realize i didnt put an age which is why i should try again later.  i learned animation in procreate with this course and among a few others.

making a card - image 4 - student project


the last picture shows when i open the project to edit but didnt show otherwise, so here is a link to it. 

making a card - image 5 - student project

Natalie Joseph

Just Trying to be creative