liquorice all sorts

liquorice all sorts - student project

I had fun with this - thank you :)

Throughout your class I couldn't help but think of liquorice... so I gave it a go, with some fun colours and extruding basic shapes (circles, squares, lines) and playing a lot with rotation - keeping it mostly normal with the odd jagged outlines....

I then added shading to all shapes so it popped against the darkish blue background and blurred a few shapes (sweets)...

liquorice all sorts - image 1 - student project

so my updated one with mapping ;-)  I have to say it was a rather slow process to render the mapping and rotate the way I would have liked so in the end I just kept it simple and left it with my first attempts lol... will use for a more simpler execution in future perhaps? who knows.. it was good to have tried it out though, thank you! 

liquorice all sorts - image 2 - student project