intro to symbol design

intro to symbol design - student project

Unit 1: Selecting referents for a typical day

  1. Alarm clock / snooze
  2. Bathroom (poopin'!)
  3. Brush teeth
  4. Shower / clean up
  5. Put on contacts
  6. Put on makeup
  7. Dry hair
  8. Feed bunny
  9. Commute to work (via public transportation)
  10. Make coffee
  11. Check email
  12. Work (some mix of email, phone, design, and meetings)
  13. Lunch
  14. Work (some different mix of email, phone design, and meetings)
  15. Commute (either via public transit or a ride home)
  16. Clean bunny's litterbox
  17. Crafts (sewing, cardmaking, designing, etc.)
  18. Play video games (3DS XL)
  19. Wash face
  20. Go to bed

Unit 2: Sketches

Unit 3: Drawing symbols in Illustrator

Experimenting with layering; inspiration from polychromatic type, like FF Dingbats 2.0. I think my favorite symbol might be for "Clean Bunny" (the bunny leaving behind a pile of poop). My bunny is too cute, so I forgive him for pooping everywhere.

Mockups of the icons; the blue icons show alternate solutions to the activity.

Unit 4: Final visual timeline

In real life, though, among other things, I think coffee would actually appear in this timeline at least four times.


Experimenting with fill in the final set. Third symbol (brushing teeth) was switched out for the alternate solution since a "black" or filled tooth icon looked weird.