illustrating - student project

(APRIL 2018)

I started taking drawing seriously a couple of months ago. I'd always liked illustration but never attempted it, not even just as a hobby. I had stuck in my mind the idea that in order to be an illustrator, even at an amateur level, you needed an expensive computer, scanner, drawing tablet and art supplies. But then I realised it was all nonsense. I started simple, with a pencil and some paper, and watching videos on youtube by doodlekat1. 

This is one of my early drawings at the beginning of the year, at the time I started making doodles.

Then, I made two decisions: One was to open an Instagram account so as to share my drawings and stuff with my friends and family and anybody who could be interested, and the other one was to sign up for an online illustration course in the London Art College. This is one of my Instagram early drawings. I had already discovered that using a scanner was a good idea (now I realize I really started with zero notions about illustration lol).

Anyhow, I started drawing and drawing and drawing, whatever I felt like drawing, and I uploaded it to my Instagram account. I received a lot of support from friends and relatives which only encouraged me to draw more. After lots of practice, my art started looking like this:











I'm struggling a bit with my illustration course. Drawing and illustration are not the same at all, and I realized I may not have yet all the necessary skills to make a good illustration, so that's how I arrived at Skillshare. I want to improve my drawing skills and learn how to use watercolours and ink in a more effective way. I know there are a lot of things to improve. This, for example, is my last piece done in watercolours, but I'm not completely satisfied with it. 

Still, I am really happy with the progress I made so far, and it was all because I kept myself motivated to draw and practice almost on an everyday basis. This class has been really inspiring and motivating. Thanks, Yasmina, I'll definitely watch your other classes and re-watch this one in the future!





 Soooo, I wanted to update this project because I finally did it! I submitted my first assignment for my illustration course at London Art College and I want to show you.

Since I first posted this project, back in May 2018, I have tried to improve my watercolour painting skills, digital drawing and painting skills, and also inking and hand lettering. I have also been learning about basic drawing skills and colour theory. 

So these are the final illustrations, based on songs by SoKo, Sia, and Joanna Newsom:

I feel like I've improved so much since I first started drawing. I'm really proud and happy, although I know I still have a long way to go. I plan to enjoy every stage of this process though!! 

I also wanted to point out that whenever I'm feeling a bit discouraged or lost I always head back to this class and rewatch some of the lessons. Yasmina's advice is so valuable!

Thanks again :)