hannamccown - student project

I've set up my instagram page as an author/illustrator.  My first intention was to share pictures from around my farm.  After awhile I realized that there are a lot of illustrators of all different mediums and outputs on instagram and I needed to connect for my own benefit.  Gradually I found a lot of information on the craft of illustrating and writing children's books.  I began to share the process of illustrating my own book.  I finally finished and published my book and changed my description to reflect my author/illustrator status.  I have also included my website in my description.  It gives anyone the link to my website page where they can buy my book or the link to the book on Amazon.  I have sold some books to followers in this way.  I have begun to share almost exclusively my illustrations and photo's relating to my work of illustrating and learning to illustrate.  For example I will share a photo of a book I'm learning from or a children's book I have recently bought.  So this is my page.  

I watch other pages to learn about the process of creating art and watch how other illustrators grow and develop in their own careers.

This class has really helped me in my understanding of the instagram tool.  I love the idea of organic growth.  It feels like the most sure way and I feel much more knowledgeable now.  I realize that I don't have to like every post that comes into my feed.  I realize also that I should be posting every day.  I would like to know what you recommend since I will have a lot of posts if I do that and if I should always keep all the posts.  It would turn into a lot.  

It seems that the best benefit is in the comments I leave and the acknowledgement of the comments others leave.  I am really enjoying the new friendships I am making through instagram. I've been with Instagram since November 2015 and have 565 followers.  My goal is to double my growth by the end of the year.

My target tags are #childrensbookillustration #dailypractice #sketching #watercolor #dailydrawing  But I'm going to take a better look at my hashtags and may change these as I figure it out.

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