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Hello, woah I really needed that exercise! What about y'all?

I mostly organise myself with the help of my bulletjournal. However, since my bujo is where I keep my time management, appointments and free time schedules, I got an additional notebook for all the detailed project planning. It's softer, lighter and way messier than my journal:


One thing from this class, that really clicked with me was the Kanban Board and I tried it on a sheet of acrylic resin I had lying around ^.^

Now, the workplace situation:

I live with my partner in a 54 m² flat. Since I moved in I constantly converted the second half of our bedroom into a studio space for me. I have a huge corner desk, I built with my dad, some IKEA Alex cupboards and lots of inspirational knickknacks here and there:

 I also redecorated it lately and made a whole video about it, so, if you like watching declutter and decoration videos click here:

Staying Motivated/Productivity Shortcuts:

What if it was easy? - this thought pattern is brilliant, I hope I can apply it

Ride the Wave of Trends - experienced that during Inktober

The Less Competition the Bigger My Chance to Win

80/20 Rule - I'm a "better done than perfect" person since Universitiy, but I struggle to apply that to my creative work



Using my bulletjournal everyday, I'm really used to tracking my work as well as various habits of mine. So, it's nothing new BUT I'm really noticing some kind of progress I never had before in my Sketchbook and THAT is the best tracker in my opinion:


Distractions & Solutions:

And lastly, quitting.

In the end of 2020 I reached a crossroads. For 2 years I had uploaded a bulletjournal video at the beginning of every month for a series called "join me journaling". These were my most elaborate and time consuming videos to produce. I put so much love and effort not only into the setups itself, but also into the storytelling of the videos.

  But as we all know, Social Media algorythms don't consider your effort, so my journal videos weren't clicked as often as I liked them to.

  In August I begun doubting this video format as well as these super artsy setups. However, I didn't want to end the series amidst 2020. I pushed through and even had some kind of creative growth with e.g. September and November.

   After I completed Inktober, I was sure that I wouldn't "waste" my time on those videos anymore when I could achieve so much stuff that would actually bring me forward.

Finally, I uploaded my last "join me journaling" video in December 2020 and left the series behind. I was sad about it, but I also really enjoyed setting up my bulletjournal for the new year without filming the whole process. I still upload pictures of my setups on my Instagram, but it isn't a crucial part of my content anymore...

I'm still very proud that I made all these videos and they're still up:

Thank's for reading my story here! I hope y'all good and save out there! Meet me on my Social Media if you like:







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