cool chic style

cool chic style - student project

Update 15/05/14

Just found the same sample ouftit of the dallas'video fun!


Hello everybody,

this is an exciting class!I learned something about sketching by skillshare course of Katie Rodgers almost an year ago and I'm searching my own style looking foward best illustrators around,like amazing Dallas.

update 03/01

Happy new year classmates!

Always so busy,now I'm happy to draw again. I choose this look of amazing Olivia.She's so perfect.

These are sketches for now...

Here is another pencil skirt and pull outfit,so cool in this fall...


Finally a simple by Nordstrom outfit...


update 09/12

I'm back with this new illustration,featuring a  Kate Bosworth's  pretty look.

Here is the process,scannig 3 phases until final.


update 02/12

I found this pics on Pinterest and I think it's perfect for my project: standing pose,simple but chic outfit.

 pencil sketches progress...

step 3,adding watercolor and photoshop colors adjustments.


So,this is my first illustration,step by step...sorry for first two,bad quality pics from a phone camera.

I choose simple standing pose,like video's one.I like so much this outfit,it represent my style as well.It's from Anine Bing lookbook of this fall.

here is the sketch while erasing most of construction lines...

...this is scan pics with cleaned background,

...and this is the final one,after photoshop post production ( contrast and saturation).