Yummy pumpkin lasagna (version 1)

Yummy pumpkin lasagna (version 1) - student project

hi Elena, 

your recipe idea was really great and I could use the pumpkin I had lying around. ;) 

i made Version 1 with bought lasagna sheets. As I didn't precook them (according to the description on the packaging), I mixed approximately 300g cream cheese with 100g yoghurt and put it on the lasagna sheets first to ensure they get moist enough and then added pumpkin and hazelnuts. It seemed to be too little pumpkin, so I added some apple slices as well (also for extra moisture).

i liked your recipe idea a lot but I also was a little confused, that there were no exact amounts for cream cheese and parmigiano. I also cannot remember any suggestions for seasoning, except salt and rosemary on the pumpkin. I ended up putting homemade rosemary salt and pepper in the cream cheese. 

I think it would be really practical if you could put the ingredients and measurements and oven temperature and time in a downloadable PDF in the project section, so that it is Easier to find out what you need without having to watch the video while writing the shopping list. 

For me it turned out that I like to watch your class once without cooking and then I would like to prepare the meal without having to watch again and jumping back and forth to find the important information, like measurement, temperature and baking time. ;)

I'll add some more photos on my computer.

Healthy treats for your sweet tooth!