You have giving me a Starting Place

You have giving me a Starting Place - student project

I was laid off from my job in April and still haven't heard anything when the end of June came around I was wondering what to do. I decided to try my hand at something I wanted to do 30 years ago to go into Art Designing but I believe a person that said College might not be for me because I was not good at the other basic college class that had nothing to do with art. 

The 1st pattern I made was just retro circles. I had to catch up on trying to understand the drawing side of software, I have a Wacom drawing board I never used and older versions of Corel, Photoshop elements that I used with Photography. I tried the Adobe online that would lock up even with the update of my new computer so I found a class on Skillshare about Inkscape. Gaia Marfurt taught the class. We are now a friend though Social Media. I am also taking the time to learn Italian. I get it translated through google. She has helped me understand the software.

I still have a time with the drawing board and it might take me a little longer with my design pattern put I design one pattern but I apply it to many items or products. I had drawn and scan works into the computer. then break it out to individuals. 

I laughed when you said in the video about family and friends. My saying is they are biased. Until you get my work out I feel like I draw for them. Well, I stuck my foot into that. I had a meeting with Job service and they asked since you haven't found a job what would you do. I had the scrapbook that I put my drawings in so they do get messed up. And a couple of swatches of material with my pattern on it. ( with My Pattern. It was a great feeling holding it). So I showed the lady. She said these are nice. I want you to meet a lady here. The lady came in she was the one out front I thought she was a helper. She introduces herself. I said you're the one I was talking about an entrepreneurship. She said down and looked at my swatches and said that she was part of the Art Council. She asks if I have shown my stuff. I told her I have no idea where to begin she started rattling off shop after shop. I live near the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. Name some groups that help business starting out. I left there went to my car with information overload and sick to my stomach of what to do next.

Here I am.

This pattern went from a doodle to material and mock-up at Spoonflower. Cards and stickers at Zazzle and Be Kind at Merch by Amazon. It different online but she wants me to go to the locals. We have dozens of shops being a tourist is of 3 cities Sevierville, Pigeon Forge, and Gatlinburg. I have been doing this for not even 2 months.


This is my newest work.

I want to work it as a collection like you did the Sweater Man. And that helped me with Ideas. 


It's not the ideas, I have 30 years pinned up. It is my lack of experience. 2 months and no degrees.