(Workshop) Paper Brooch

(Workshop) Paper Brooch - student project

Hi Everyone!

Joining Sova's workshop is timely as I love to create handmade gift for others especially since it's Christmas. I can't wait to get started!

Milestone 4 & 5: Making the Jewels and Finished Work

I use washi tape to trace circles for the paper brooch. After that I wrote the Bible verses using a pen. Writing creatively isn't my strength yet and I find that sometimes my alignment is off but that's okay. I'm learning! I glued the watercolor paper circles onto cardboard, cut, and glue it onto a stationery paper and cut it out. I sealed it with Mod Podge before gluing the brooch pins.

I have a flower painting that I turned into a paper brooch. The curves can be a challenge to cut especially if glued on the cardboard. I find myself having a hard time trimming the excess cardboard where the scissors cannot reach. Any tips, Sova? 

I'm so thankful for this workshop that inspires me to create all these paper brooches! They have already been given as gifts yesterday and the people who received were like, "wow...did you made these?!" Thank you so much Sova for creating this workshop and for inspiring us with your own jewelry too. Hopefully I can level up by using resin and or make earrings or necklaces with my artworks. 

Milestone 3: Post the first pieces

I am doing the paper brooch. My theme is nature inspired abstract as I like to create backgrounds to write verses from the Bible. Here are all the materials that I need to get started. I use Mod Podge as a sealer that protects the paper brooch to make it sturdy. I also bought some brooch pins and Scotch super glue to complete my paper brooch. Other materials include cardboard, stationery paper, pencil and brush.

Milestone 2: Decision

Paper brooch is the easiest for me since I have all the needed materials. I have painted a background that I would like to use for my paper brooch. Will share a picture tomorrow.

Milestone 1: Inspiration

I'm a watercolor artist. I love to sketch and paint the things I see and savor its beauty. My style is loose, colorful and lots of splatter. I prefer to be inspired by what I see and create from my own imagination. Sometimes I will get inspiration from other people's photos and my photos.


Hello! Finally created my rose paper brooch. Thank you so much Sova for the lovely class. Below I share a bit about my process following Sova's guidance.

  1. Start by painting a rose using watercolor paints on watercolor paper and cut out its shape.

  2. Glue the rose on a cardboard

  3. Glue a decorative paper on the cardboard side of the rose

  4. Apply Mod Podge (i don't have nail polish) in front, behind and the sides to protect the painting. Use a brush or sponge and gently dab on the surface NOT brush it left and right because it may smudge the watercolor paint (not water resistant). Let dry.

  5. Use any kind of super glue to stick the brooch pin on the back of the paper art. Let dry.

  6. Now my rose paper brooch is ready to adorn my shirt!

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