Wine Venture Ads Study

Wine Venture Ads Study - student project

Hi Linsay,

Firstly thank you for creating such great classes. I love it.


Colour scheme:

I selected the main colour scheme as maroon and olive green, representing grapes.



The main photo matches those colour scheme as well. I picked a picture that has a focal point. Before I find this photo, I selected a photo with three objects and a lot lighter colours with not much contrast. It made me feel a bit overwhelmed as my eyes didn't find where to focus. Luckily I found a better photo which is this one.



I've created similar styles. I liked the idea of having the headline on the sky background, which evoke the feeling of openness and excitement.  I could've pushed down the photo a little on the Instagram size as not much breathing area on the top. However, I had set a time to do this practice. So I did not have time to fix it, unfortunately.



The typeface used here is Josephin Sans which has a good selection of family. I liked the shape of small "e". Looks like a rolling barrel.



I created this logo very quickly. But the theme was to combine travelling (plane) wine. So by using a circle to create a shape of a wine glass (rather than creating an actual wine glass shape) creates a similar image to the image of a plane flying around the earth (globe).



I usually use Illustrator to create ads. But I've used photoshop this time, and it was a good practice.



Mock-up (Magazine)



Mock-up (Instagram)



11x17 inch




FaceBook size


Instagram size