Why Any Artist Can Use These Three Studio Secrets

Why Any Artist Can Use These Three Studio Secrets - student project

I have had a few Big Breakthroughs in my artistic journey and the secrets revealed in this class were three of the biggest.

To have discovered techniques that were used by Rembrandt, Leonardo, Gainsborough,Turner and host of other great artists to make their pictures sing out in a glorious ,luminous color was like finding a gold mine.

Of course, you have to do a lot of digging to get the gold but it is really worth it in the end.

I know that the short blast course is getting very popular, and some of you do not have too much time on your hands. So this is a perfect addition to your painting habits. Here is how it works.

1- Set up for painting either watercolor or acrylic or even oils.

2- Pick a few paintings that could use a little makeover. Set them in a pile at your workstation.

3- Get your watercolor washes ready or your acrylic medium and color mixed up.

4- Pick a time where you can put on some glazes and see what a difference it makes to the painting.

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The picture below got about 5 dark glazes over the background. You can see how transparent the darks are and how they get lighter as they move towards the top left.

Notice the cool shadow areas and the intense warm red, yellow-oranges and rusty sienna. These warm colors sing out because the transparent green washes set them off.

I sold this one a few years back .The price and description are on the bottom. I used to send out 'paint-mails' to clients and collectors. This is one of them.

Classic Seascape using Glazing, Heightening with White, Shadows, and Fog Technique

I spent about 150 hours on this one so far and  have left it for finishing this winter when the snow is drifting and the wind is howling.

The great thing about these Studio Secrets is that you can take your time and really get into a single layer or multi-layered project that can take 10 minutes or 10 years.

Leonardo spent at least 6 years on the Mona Lisa. It's not even as big as your widescreen.

Watch the Video and see how I start turning the painting below into a West Coast fog painting.

I will be honest with you this painting started as a 3-minute dash off as we were leaving the harbor to go whale 'painting'. When I got home I put it into the sketch bin with the other 'To Does".

I brought it out for this class and washed on some colors and then laid in the initial 'Fog Effect'

See you in class  / Ron

Artist / Art Teacher