Whiskey sour punch

Whiskey sour punch - student project

I decided to recreate one of my favorite drink recipes, whiskey sour punch, for this assignment. It's a recipe that my mom always made for parties and is one of my favorites to make for social events now!

Before the shoot, I went to a thrift shop and the grocery store to source props. I really nerded out over these lemons with the leaves still on. I think I would've benefitted from finding smaller tangerines, but I'm a sucker for blood oranges, so I bought them instead for my stomach instead of my eyes. I added the cookies to bring a more party-like atmostphere. 

I used a punch bowl I already had, and then found these cocktail glasses (something I needed since I have none!), the gorgeous silver ladel and the cute woven plates at the thrift store.

I then used my white table for the base (it comes in handy so often for photos), and bought a couple of pieces of white foam board for the background and a bounce card. I scooted the table over to my kitchen window and used window light for the light source.

I had a ton of fun putting this together. I work as a photojournalist, and have been getting into food photography more for my blog, Freckle & Fair, but wanted to push myself further with styling. This class really taught me about building a story behind the food photos — something I can really get behind as a journalist, but something I didn't realize my photos were lacking! I'm hoping it will help elevate my food photography here on out, and maybe give some more attention to detail in my photojournalism as well!

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