What I've Seen Through Your Eyes: Act 3

What I've Seen Through Your Eyes: Act 3 - student project


*To apologize to the older woman, Patricia cleans the house, getting sick once she finishes with the bathroom.

*Patricia goes to a local convenience store and buys Flowers and a box of chocolates. When she goes to check out, the clerk stares at her with a hateful gaze.

*On her way back to Jonavia's house, there were people crowding the streets. Everyone looked at her, whispering to one another as she walked by. Some ran when she got closer.

*Before entering the gate to the house, she said hello to an elderly man on his porch. The man yelled at her, calling her very vulgar names and telling her to "go back to Africa".

*She goes inside, after a few minutes the doorbell rings. She answers and standing before her is herself, her actual self.

*The other Patricia barges in, slamming the door behind her.



*Patricia takes a seat with herself in the living room, placing two mugs of hot chocolate between them.

*The other Patricia starts to cry, curling herself into a ball on the couch.

*The two of them talk, exchanging their apologies. 

*The other Patricia comes closer, placing her head onto the main characters shoulder. 

*Patricia, as Jonavia, admits her feelings. She retrieves the flowers and chocolates and gives them to Jonavia as Patricia.

*With a kiss, the two switched back. 

*The doorbell rang. Jonavia, now herself, answers the door.

*A loud bang followed by a thud echoes in the hall

*Patricia goes to the door to find Jonavia on the ground in a pool of her blood and a police officer standing in the doorway, his gun in one hand and radio in the other.



*The road and driveway filled with people as extra officers and EMT's come to aid the girls.

*Patricia is taken to the station for questioning 

*She's released and goes to the hospital to be with Jonavia.

*She sits for hours waiting for Jonavia to wake. She cries as she remembers all the fun times they used to have.

*Jonavia finally wakes up, smiling when she sees Patricia. With a weak voice she tells Patricia about the security system at the house.

*Patricia goes back to the house, gets the security footage and takes it to the police office.

*Jonavia passes away.

*The officer is arrested only to be released shortly after.

*Patricia visits Jonavia's grave bringing with her flowers, chocolates, and a ring.