West Coast Wind

West Coast Wind - student project

All this started with a trip to the coast for my Son's wedding.

We went whale watching and I sketched at the back of the boat and got about 8 small 4 by 6 inch sketches in watercolor. 

When I got back to our home in the mountains of the Slocan Valley, I started a very large painting of my experience at the coast, especially that brisk boat ride through the 'salt chuck'.

Here are some of the sketches from that trip.

You can see that that the last sketch on the bottom right ( above )is the West Coast Wind painting we are doing in this project. I love the Big Bold Green Slashes at the top right left.

In an exciting situation we rarely have time to think. Sketching can be an exciting situation for me. I respond to my subject rather than copy it, translate rather than transcribe, symbolize rather than sterilize. Feel it ... then think about it ... then paint it again.

Hope to see your efforts in the Project Gallery / Ron

Artist / Art Teacher