Welcome Sales Leads Email Copy

Welcome Sales Leads Email Copy - student project

Hey [name],


Hi! I just visited your [insert social or website name] and saw what a cute boutique you run. I would love to connect you to some resources that will help bring in some more sales! Have you heard of Girls By The Sea? We are an all female run business empowering other small businesses like yours. We offer some pretty great products at wholesale prices to bring you profit.


I can start you with some new deals on [enter ideal product] right now. Below are some examples from our current seasonal line up. They’re pretty sweet, right? If you like what you see and wanna see more consider joining our newsletter and I’ll link you to our full catalog. We have SOOO much more to offer, I can’t begin to write it all here.


I promise we won’t spam you, but what we will do instead is hook you up with plenty of inventory inspiration - so make sure to save our email address now - so it doesn’t get lost in your Spam folder.



_ _

| |

| |

| Insert Pic Here | x3 or more

| |

| |

|_           _|



PS: We have more surprises in store for you - yes, we promise you it gets better!


PPS: These items come in these variations, [insert product info], but act fast because quantity is limited and we want to make sure you get what you need.




Tess from Girls By The Sea