Wedding Invitation Samples

Wedding Invitation Samples - student project


I did this project about a month or two ago, but I deleted everything and I am starting over. These classes by Bryn have been so wonderful and encouraged me to start my own Calligraphy business. I got a booth at a local wedding show and it is a month and a half away! I would like to offer designs for print and want a few printed mockups for the booth. I thought this class would be great to revisit to get some feedback on designs. I'll load an in progress photo below of one layout. My plan is to use a watercolor background and know out the text so it's white. I am not happy with how I have the names, so I will be redoing that part, but in the mean time I would love some feedback on the rest! Thanks everybody! 

Here is a pic of the original art work I used. The watercolor swatches pictures were not usable because the were too light for my scanner so I had to repaint that part as well. 

After furthur edits to the layout and combining it with the watercolor background, here is what I came up with, the final file is ready to send to the printer for digital print. I can wait to see the sample, and if it is legible once it's printed. haha 

Fine Art Calligrapher & Designer