We Miss You

We Miss You  - student project

In the past, I've tried my hand at brush lettering and working with the Pentel Color Brush. I tend to work in black and white, and with ink. I am excited to try watercolor as a lettering medium - I love the variations in color.

For my project, I decided to make a card for my husband. He is active duty Air Force and he has been on TDY since the begining of September. With all the holidays coming up, it makes him being away extra tough. During TDYs and deployments, my little ones and I like to send him care packages.

I started off with looking at lettering styles online. Here's my attempt at recreating the Heartwell style.

Brainstorming my sentiment, layout, lettering styles, and a color pallet.

I decided to go with - WE MISS YOU SOMETHING FIERCE. Fall and Halloween are his favorite times of the year, and he loves coffee. I couldn't help but think about the lovely illustration work on the Starbucks cups, so I decided to evolve the concept with my own flair.

I was able to mix the techniques reviewed during the class with some of the methods I've refined over the year. My weak point is watercolor blends, so I hope to improve on this with more practice. Overall, thank you for sharing the wonderful tips! I look forward to using watercolor more in my lettering.

Happy Lettering,

Alex momwilltravel

lettering & design