Watercolour to Digital Botanicals

Watercolour to Digital Botanicals - student project

This class was perfect for me! It combines so many things I love and my favourite tools! Nature, watercolour, photoshop...

I love the variety of projects that can come from just a few painted elements. Also, how each project is so unique! My painting is nearly identical to Silvia's, yet our final projects are so different!

This class has inspired so many more ideas for working in this way. Thank you, Silvia, for sharing your expertise!

^My watercolour elements and swatches.

Learning this process was so much fun. It's great to really have control over the details in the beginning, which will really shape the end result!

^ All my scanned elements.

^Elements turned to flowers and branches.

I was surprised at how many different types of flowers you could make from just those 3 petals! I also only used my medium size stem since my assets scanned in a little too light.

^The four different styles of foliage I created.

I like the big flower and how simple it is! I really like the contrast of the second with the dark flower centre. I realized my third was beginning to form a heart, so I chose another flower and made my 4th into a heart shape. I really love the idea of making more shapes!

^And here are my final compositions!

I'm still kind of amazed I created them! haha. It's so cool how tweaking the colours can really change the look and feel! It's an easy way to control the overall mood after all the hard work is done! :) I'm not sure if I like the white or dark background better, but I am definitely drawn to dark as it just makes the colours pop!

Thanks to Silvia for creating a spectacular class! Looking forward to seeing more projects in the gallery! :)

Graphic Designer, Photographer