Watercolor flowers

Watercolor flowers - student project

The image below was my first try. I sketched out the flower, erased it lightly, mixed my colors and got started. At first I was feeling quite confident thinking this could turn out quite nice.

Then I overdid it, as I always do. I added too many details and ended up not so happy with the result. I did really like the leafs though, with the blueish parts and the dark shadow.

I was also not really feeling the paper. The structure is quite rough and the paint wasn't flowing the way I wanted it to...

So I tried again. Started over with a much finer paper. Sketching, erasing, clean water and go. I didn't clean the palette though, so that got a bit messy. 

Eventually I liked the leafs on the first try better with more (color) depth. But there's no changing that after it has dried... (damn you, watercolor).

But the rest of the flower definitely improved. I got myself to stop in time and the colors are a bit more coherent. The smoother paper gives it all a softer look and it felt I had a bit more control over the paint. 

So, the result of the first try was this: 

And the second try I ended up with this one:


>> Thanks Cat for all your tips and tricks and especially for inspiring me to pick up my paintbrush again! PS. You are also an inspiration by being a location-independent artist! On my way to be one myself. Italy here I come! :)

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