Watercolor Lettering - Serifs

Watercolor Lettering - Serifs - student project

Here's the watercolor piece that is shown on video in this class! The background was added digitally after scanning the watercolor lettering. 

I did not share in the class what prompted me to write this quote. It is a saying by a friend's dad. He has worked in sales for most of his life and constantly urged his three daughters to assert their request... because it may happen! This same wonderful guy and his wife joyfully accepted the challenge of setting up my booth at my first trade show in New York. I could not have shown had it not been for them. 


The graphite letters I created in this class have been used in several illustration designs. It's amazing how much can come from a little hand-drawn sweat! We can't help but create unique letterforms.


What's perhaps everyone's favorite part of the class is when all of the principles come together in the final videos with a variety of tips. 


I'm always happy to hear your suggestions! See you in the class!



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