Vector Textures

Vector Textures - student project

So far, I've taken some photos and turned them into vector textures.   The instructions are very clear & I had an easy time making my textures.  I made one of them into an art brush. 

Vector Textures - image 1 - student project

Vector Textures - image 2 - student project


Vector Textures - image 3 - student project


Here are my motifs without texture - and with texture.  It was fun to see how they worked!  

Making my pattern was interesting.  My computer/Illustrator really bogged down when I tried using the pattern making tool.  I finally gave up on that method and watched the video on how to do it manually - and that worked out better, although saving took forever. 

I decided to stop there.  My  AI file is 234 MB!  I'd like to add interest with background textures and smaller filler motifs, but I'm afraid my computer won't handle it.  

Vector Textures - image 4 - student projectVector Textures - image 5 - student project

It sure is fun to see my design mocked up on these suitcases!  Thank you, Mel, for a great class.  It was all thoroughly explained, and I learned a lot!