VKBYVK - student project


VKBYVK - image 1 - student project

My Deliverable 

VKBYVK - image 2 - student project

Right: Oversized U bottom Shirt with Slits on the sides, longer back with 2 seams coming down back and slit front Pocket

Left: Zipper Bomber with Quilted Detaling on sleeves and on front pocket 

VKBYVK - image 3 - student project

Right: Oversized Button-up Scoop neck Raglan shirt 

Left: Standard T-Shirt with vertical front pannel on center front and panneling on sleeves

VKBYVK - image 4 - student project

Right: Button-up Cardigan with added front seams for structure and interest and slit front pockets

Left: www.vkbyvk.com

My Top Flats