Urban Sketching for Beginners: One - Point Perspective

Urban Sketching for Beginners: One - Point Perspective - student project

Urban Sketching for Beginners: One - Point Perspective 

Hi guys!

After a great success with my first Skillshare class "Urban Sketching for Beginners: Watercolour Sketch in 3 Steps" in November 2016 (thanks to all my students for wonderfull projects and amazing reviews:)), I started to think about developing of my Channel. And here is my plan: I'm going to teach beginners all the aspects of urban sketching - from the perspective basics to more specific subjects like drawing trees, clouds and water reflection. And there will be a special series of classes about travel sketching. My goal is to create a channel where people could improve their skills from beginner to professional. 

My second class will be "Urban Sketching for Beginners: One - Point Perspective". It will be a series of three classes about perspective. It's a quite tough stuff and I frequently hear from people that they're struggling with it all the time. I'm going to explain it in an easy way with examples, tips and tricks, and practising tasks. 

Here you can find my outline

Any suggestions, recommendations and feedback will be very welcomed and appreciated.:) 




It took much more time to make this class than I ever thought, but I'm so happy to say that it's finished now and I'm so proud of my second class:) There is a lot of explanation, of course, I've put some of my own one-point perspective drawings as examples and I showed how it works in a few of real urban sketching situations. Everything to make this quite difficult subject as clear as possible.

So, you're very welcome and I hope you will like my class!:) 

Julia Henze

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