Updating my workspace

Updating my workspace - student project


I recently moved, and I took Thomas' advice to make my space work for me to heart — my old workspace was cramped, difficult to navigate, and constantly had crap everywhere because I didn't have any kind of organized storage. I am a notebook hoarder, among other things, and my old desk was just like towers of notebooks and old paper that may or may not have had what I needed on them.

In my job — which is here, at Skillshare, producing classes! — I tend to keep my life organized on paper, and in my new workspace I wanted to ensure that all off the tools I use to do that were within easy reach and had their own home. I also wanted to make sure I had a nearby space for my cat, Robot, who gets upset and starts yelling if I am not within his eyesight at all times (not an exaggeration). And, frankly, I wanted it to be cute! I have to sit here for like 8-10 hours a day, it might as well be fun to be here.

So! As you can see, I got a desk with some drawers, I got a cat space, I got a craft cart for other things that are not work I do at this desk (Thomas technically recommends doing work and not-work at different spaces, but I live in Brooklyn, so that's... not gonna happen. We make it work for us, people). I also collect Breyer horses and I wanted to be able to see them from my desk, because of joy and stuff.

So here's my new workspace! So far it's been working out great. All of the things I need for my creative work, whether professional or hobby, are within easy reach and in a setup that makes it much easier to get started doing them. Thanks Thomas!

Feel free to judge this Discover Weekly playlist, it was not the greatest. (My laptop is scribbled out because there was nothing interesting on it, not because there was something really interesting on it).

Senior Content Producer @ Skillshare