Unexpected Sketchbook

Unexpected Sketchbook - student project

When I first started this class I was unsure about creating a project for it. I wanted to buy a sketchbook specifically for watercolor, but I was extremely anxious about it. I felt like if I bought a full nice sketchbook I could easily ruin it with one bad painting.

One day, I came across a huge (it's A3) nice watercolor block and a smaller one with less quality paper. And since we are all going through difficult times, finding a giant watercolor block is heaven-sent. Now I don't have to spend money on a sketchbook! (silly me)

So I decided to make a sketchbook, first with the lower quality paper I found. Since it was not very heavy I decided to fold the pages in half and staple them together. It turned out ok I guess...but then I spiraled in a swirl of creative madness. I know this is a no-sew sketchbook class but I researched how to do a basic sewn notebook and then learned the are modular notebooks held together with elastic that ALLOW YOU TO PUT INSERTS IN AND OUT OF THE NOTEBOOK! I died!


I still can't believe I didn't know this was a possibility. This is the perfect choice for me since I can have different quality papers to use in the same sketchbook and I can feel less anxious about starting one. So I decided to make a second insert (this time sewing) and I bought a travelers journal to use as a cover.

These first inserts are badly made and oversized for the journal I bought, but I can make the perfect one next time, and I'm super happy with the concept and the results.

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