Transparent cherry blossoms

Transparent cherry blossoms - student project

Thank you Helen!

I really wanted to know how to use brush like this!

I've created a pattern with some layers this time.

1) make base color.

2)make wave pattern that I learned in other your class(ombre wave pattern)

3)Draw the pattern with a round brush

4)Draw a pattern with a cherry brossom brush.

5)Repeat to change the color

6)Add poem.

This poem is "IROHA UTA"     

This is a Japanese poem, probably written in the Heian era (AD 794–1179).



Iro ha nihoheto

Chirinuru wo

Wa ka yo tare so

Tsune naramu

Uwi no okuyama

Kefu koete

Asaki yume mishi

Wehi mo sesu




Even the blossoming flowers [Colors are fragrant, but they]

Will eventually scatter

Who in our world

Is unchanging?

The deep mountains of karma--

We cross them today

And we shall not have superficial dreams

Nor be deluded.


This is same poem with above.

Please enjoy ancient Japanese poem!