To Keep You Inspired

To Keep You Inspired - student project

To keep you inpisred, I attached three different songs I mixed and used in my lessons.

  1. Here's how I mixed the class project stems: I went for a loud and compressed sound a la Madeon. To achieve that, I made room for the kick by using volume automation on the bass. Then used the Haas effect to make the synths wider. Although I used a lot of reverb, I made sure to reduce the low reverb frequencies so that unclear bass doesn't stack up in the mix.

  2. This is an orchestral example where I lowered the brass fundamental frequencies to make my mix less muddy, and allow the brass to cut through the mix. "Thomas Bergersen - Final Frontier" inspired me to sculpt this piece that way:

  3. This is the funky example where I used excessive racks to process kicks, snare and bass. Justice and Sebastian definitely have influenced the way I mix drums. Using a slow attack compressor can really shape nice transicents to your kick and snare.

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