Tide Pool (modified)

Tide Pool (modified) - student project

Hi! I had a lot of fun taking this class, and wanted to post  my finished piece from the tutorial. (I recommend buying the kit from Eleanor, it was super helpful. Especially if you don't own any type of beading supplies whatsover (me) ;)

I free styled a little bit with some of the color, peyote stitche's etc. I think this piece took me about 20 - 25 hours or so to finish. Mind you I am VERY green at embroidery, beading, etc. But Eleanors instructions were top notch, and totally helped me through.

I'm super inspired after taking this class, and can't wait to start on some new abstract pieces. I've already started a few inspiration boards on pinterest!

Thanks Eleanor for a great class. Looking forward to more! (Btw. For what its worth, I've started about 3 classes on skillshare, never finished one until this. That has to mean something!)



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