Thinking about color

Thinking about color - student project

After trying to self-teach myself the basics after a year, I feel like I'm just figuring out color theory and this class helped me to both understand the terminology and the "why" of color.  The discussion about emotions commonly tied to color schemes changed the way I thought about the subject and I've been much more deliberate and thoughtful about my color palette and also changed the way I've observed color being used in others' art, advertising, nature, everywhere!

With little idea of how to match colors, I resorted to Pinterest to find some.  I thought the idea of using pleasing photos to find color schemes was neat!

I finally settled on this one:

And I used some techniques from the "Demystifying Photoshop" course to try to add some textures and patterns, something I've never tried before.

I wanted to try out all this with a digital portrait, so I found a reference with an obvious color theme that felt really fresh to me and I tried some painting using techniques from the Digital Portrait Drawing class.  So cool to start putting these techniques together!

Very thought-provoking class and it complemented Gabrielle's other classes very well!