The Power of Curated Content - Buffer

The Power of Curated Content - Buffer - student project

Hey everyone! (Brian here)

I'm super excited to see all of the awesome projects that you submit as part of this class. I thought I would kick it off with a sample of something that you might like to do. Of course, feel free to submit other cool things like your social media strategy template, videos, posts, ideas, campaigns - you name it! 

One of the things I talk about in this class is the power of sharing curated, on-brand content. It can make a huge impact on your brand, reach, and awareness on social media. Here's a great example of something we tried just recently! We shared a funny piece of content that Product Hunt posted (and tagged their account). Notice how we didn't try to link anything or promote something else - this was purely entertainment-focused:

Because we tagged @ProductHunt and the Tweet was already doing well, they ended up re-Tweeting it as well which took it to the next level. It ended up getting more than 550 RTs and reaching more than 200,000 people on Twitter in two days.  

I encourage you to try some fun, new, and interesting things like this on social media while you're taking this class. Now is the perfect time to experiment! 

- Brian

Strategic Partnerships Manager, Shopify