The Coffee Bar on MLK

The Coffee Bar on MLK - student project

So, I'm breaking the rules a bit. I took Daniel's class because I was working on this website and had done very little UI / Web design.  And since Daniel's class project was a coffee shop theme, I thought I'd just stick with working through mine.


The logo I created for the shop.












I had never worked with Adobe Color before so that was awesome to learn how to use it, as was Google Fonts. Who knew, but my life just got easier, thanks to Daniel!


Before Daniel's class I spent a lot of time researching grid systems and how to convert them from desktop to tablet to mobile.  The straight up direction and guidance Daniel gave, what a huge help! Still tough to stick within some of the grids since I'm a designer first, web designer wanna-be 2nd.


I worked from Desktop to Tablet to Mobile.

















































Tablet Layout:
















































Mobile Layout:

















































What a great class. A wealth of information! I learned so much. Looking forward to watching more of your classes Daniel! Thanks!




Graphic Designer / Photographer