Tea Kettle Texture

Tea Kettle Texture - student project

This was such a fun process - thanks for another great class, Jamie! 

For the scatter brushes, I used some ink paired with a toothbrush, cotton swab, torn piece of foam brush for stamping, and an old spray bottle for splatters.

To make pattern brushes, I drew some lines with a China marker, Neocolor crayon and charcoal pencil (I can't remember which one I ended up vectorizing...)

I have made a few vector brushes in the past, but Jamie had some great tips that I hadn't seen before, which made the process much easier! 

I brought the scans into photoshop and adjusted the levels. I used the lasso tool to draw select only the marks I wanted to use and dragged them over to Illustrator where I used Image Trace to vectorize.

Surface Design and Illustration