Tartan Bunnies!

Tartan Bunnies! - student project

I have to Helen that this was one of my favorite classes of yours, and I had sooo much fun playing around! I decided to look more specifically for a "girly" tartan pattern that I liked and would love seeing my daughters wear. I came across this grey and pink tartan, and felt it had the perfect pattern to emulate for my project.   

This is my test of my pattern in a rectangle after finishing up...I also have to mention that I really liked rotating the pattern to a 45 degree angle rather than the original vertical and horizontal version of it, so I made them all that way in subsequent images.


This image was me playing around with filling shapes I created, and I thought that since Easter will be here soon what better image to use than some cute Bunnies!  Lastly, this  image is what I imagine Easter eggs might look like if they were delivered by my Tartan Bunnies, lol! 


Thank you for such a fun in-depth class Helen! I learned so much, and can't wait to explore what other classes you have, and what I can create! Thank you  for sharing your knowledge!

~Nancy Spaulding