Sunset Reflection

Sunset Reflection - student project

Thanks for this class, it's really useful!

I want to catch the sunset as it is reflected on this building. The building goes orange and then then dims as the sunset is reflected in the windows. Then, as everything goes dark, lights start popping on in the apartment building.

This is what I got on my first attempt:

I'm using a canon T2i.

The photos are correctly exposed for the beginning of the sunset but not for the end. I tried doing two passes of the color adjustment in Lightroom, one to correct the beginning and another to correct the ending. I figured I could transition between the two sequences. This didn't work because even though I was able to open up the dark shots a lot more, they were super grainy. The nighttime shots were just too under exposed. So I just went with the single adjustment and let the shot fade to black.

How do work with a time-lapse shot that needs multiple exposure settings? Do you change the shutter speed at the camera during the time-lapse?