Sun-IceTropical Weiss

Sun-IceTropical Weiss - student project

This is a beer design for hard hot days in the sun. Its a lawnwower beer in a sense, but should be slightly fuller bodied and tropical in nature.Light in flavors, but very pronounced; dominated by weiss yeast bannana flavor, pineapple, possibly orange peel and coconut. It should finnish very clean and leave you wanting another and another. This should have a tropical drink vibe with lawnmower beer chugability!

Hot side:

  • wheat base(possibly dark)
  • coconut
  • sugar cane

Cold side:

  • pineapple(short and light)
  • orange peel
  • orange blossom honey(just a bit)

So weird because I am mostly a stout drinker. Just sounds refreshing.