Succulents, Tropicals, and one (very dead) Money Tree

Succulents, Tropicals, and one (very dead) Money Tree - student project

When I first moved into my apartment, I got some succulents and a money tree from IKEA—the money tree was sadly infested with bugs, so I had to leave it outside, quarantined from the other plants. It eventually died :/

With help from the local florist, I've since added a few more plants. The succulents have been joined by a snake plant in the bedroom. There are now a couple of dracenas and a parlour palm hanging out in various places. I'm still looking for something to replace the money tree—maybe a ficus. Really dig the clean line on this one from The Sill:

The office gets basically zero natural light, so the snake plant might move there and be replaced with something that will appreciate more light. Maybe a small Bird of Paradise. These things can apparently grow a lot though.