Startup Content Worksheet

Startup Content Worksheet - student project

Startup Content Worksheet


#1. Descriptive Content

Write a one-sentence description that tells your future customers about your business or product in a way that brings value to their lives. (Ex: TrepRep turns your passion, expertise, and years of hard work into content that connects with your customers.)

____________A comprehensive toolbox that turns your dedication, diligence, and passion into an organized productivity hub, for you to crush it in the classroom and/or maximize profits. ____________________________________________________________



#2. Website Content

Create a call to action for your website’s homepage. (Ex: Get your free copy of Knock Your Customers’ Socks Off with Your Blog: Ultimate Blogging Guide by signing up for our weekly newsletter here!)

_____A few options here_________1) Make sure to have a productive day!

2) Pick up a free PDF download today!

3) ____Search our website for even more inspiration! ______________________________________________________



#3. Blog Content

Create your first three blog topics. (Ex: Connecting Entrepreneurs with Their Audience: Why I Launched TrepRep, 10 Reasons Freelance Writers Fail to Help Entrepreneurs Build Their Brand, 8 Ways to Use Content Marketing to Increase Sales in Your Business Today!)

  • ____________________Why I started The Butler Book: A calendar and productivity toolbox for those that wish to conquer the world _________________________________
  • _10 reasons productivity is the overlooked foundation for success in college. ____________________________________________________
  • _____5 Ways to use the Pomodoro Cycle to be productive and never busy again. ________________________________________________

#4. Email & Newsletter Content

For your newsletter, choose your audience, set your goal, pick your frequency, and what type of content you will feature in each newsletter. (Ex: Blog subscribers, grow blog views 10% a month, once a month, blog posts and YouTube videos)

Audience: ___College Students_________________________________

Goal: _______Grow blog views 2% per week _________________________________

Frequency: ________Once every 2 weeks ___________________________

Type of Content: _______Blog posts and YouTube videos________________________


#5. Social Content

Choose your target market for your social media content. Based on that target market, choose the main platform you will focus on building an audience.

Target Market: ___College Students (both undergrad and graduate) _____________________________

Platform Focus: ____Twitter and LinkedIn ____________________________