Spatter on!

Spatter on! - student project

This is my first spatter painting. When I finished I laid in the first layer for my rocks picture. I took a painting from your class Painting Tips: Quick & Thick Acrylics about quick sketching in paint, just getting our first impression on paper, some time ago. I did my quick sketch in water color and hadn't touched it since. 

 I think my acrylic white mix was too watery for the snow flake effect. However, I get it, and I will use the technique more. I liked the yellow spot on the left when wet but not so much now that it's dry. The white paint picked up color from beneath, I like that. Definitely the white spots don't show well against the light tones in the distance and sky so I put a little color in the spatter. I'm starting to use glazing in the amber foreground. I absolutely love the rigger brush, the way you use it! I got a little carried away using it on the black bush on the right and then later I used the brush with white to add some snow touches in this and the forest, and at the upper edge of the glazed foreground. I like the vertical colors I added in the sky and darkening the foreground before spattering. I would change my composition and not make it so balanced, but more off center or rule of thirds, but for this lesson it works well enough. I might crop it. 

This class raised my confidence in applying techniques I've learned in your other watercolor classes, Ron. I am eager to paint more winter landscapes and rocks. Thank you so much for teaching me how to paint snow and mountains and to use colors boldly!  I have to tell you I sprained my back in a fall 3 weeks ago shoveling a roof. Lucky nothing is broken. Two men in my small town died from such falls in January. Yesterday and today I was able to sit without support for an hour of painting. On the mend! I haven't been ignoring your wonderful winter class but couldn't sit up unsupported for 15 min.. While healing I've been observing the snow scenes through my windows, plus lots of birds. I've been gathering stories to paint. And I've watched your videos several time, as well as other Skillshare classes.