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Sparkles & Such Branding - student project


My name is Sophie, I go by Sparkles or SparkleySoph and I am a graphic designer, student and illustrator in San Diego :D.  I am taking this class while I prepare to open up shop to sell my illustrations online.



Quirky / Morning Person / Girlfriend / Dog/Animal Lover / Illustration / Whimsical / Prints / Art / Etsy / Society6 /  Comic Syndicators / Blog / Redbubble / Samples / Social Media / INSTAGRAM


You can find my mood board for my perfect customer, who I have named Bexley, HERE!

Bexley is 24, a junior copywriter for a local magazine and just got her very first apartment without a roomie (though she and her boyfriend have talked about moving in together in the near future.) She loves bright color but also loves being stylish. She make bold choices, has a fun sense of humor and is considered a trend setter in her social crowd, though she may be a little awkward at times. She dreams of reaching the top of her career all while balancing a loving marriage with children.


Please check out my brand questionnaire HERE!  Or Here.  Or even there. (it's literally all in the same place.)


Sparkles & Such Studio

Delightfully whimsical illustrations to brighten homes, desks and most importantly, everyones day.


You can find my logo design brief HERE!

Thank you for reading my project!!  I look forward to any insight you may have.  I really want Sparkles and Such to be a step-stone in my career as an artist so marketing and branding is something I take very serious.  I have done branding in the past for hobby's and things I did on the side but this is a section I never spent much time in so I have found this class extremely helpful.

**EDIT: So I just finished laying out my blog for my comics!!!  Please take a look at it and let me know what you all think.  I would love to hear your thoughts! ***

Sparkles, unicorns and drawing. In that order.