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Purpose: The purpose of this blog is to express my ideas and thoughts, document my experiences and learn consistency while practicing and improving my writing skill.

Other Reasons: WHY?

  1. Become a better writer
  2. Have publish work
  3. Express ideas and thoughts
  4. Document experiences
  5. Develop my style of writing
  6. Help other by writing meaningful contents
  7. Creative outlet
  8. A new hobby
  9. Learn and teach new things
  10. Improve grammar and punctuation
  11. Teach others about GOD
  12. Gain writing confidence
  13. Work on accountability
  14. Learn consistency
  15. Document my growth

Audiences: Who will be reading my BLOG!?

Attributes – demographics – Psychographics

Primary Audience: Females between the age of 25-35 who are seeking a new path in their career, spirituality, relationships and goals. They are looking to connect with their purpose in life and their desire is to experience more out of life than what we experience in the everyday.

These females are;

  1. Fun
  2. Adventurous
  3. Faithful thinkers
  4. Frugal fashionista
  5. Responsible
  6. Seekers
  7. Independently sexy
  8. Eagerly await change
  9. Innovators
  10. Travelers
  11. Foodies
  12. Givers
  13. Inspirational
  14. Speak their truth
  15. Respect Others


Lisa have been going through a hard time lately and feels like every time she takes one step, something is always in front of her. For the past year she have been seeking a stronger connection to GOD and praying for GOD to help her start living a more purposeful life.

In the near future she wishes for a career she loves, a respectable and goal-oriented Christian partner, adorable kids and a dog. She love and respect her friends and families, love to help others and is always there to encourage people with words like; everything happens for a reason and to have faith things will get better. She love to speak her truth but is recently learning the importance of respecting others opinions and way of life.

Lisa is fun to be around and known as the most adventurous one in her group of friends. She love to travel, eat, shop and decorate on a budget of course. With numerous responsibilities to manage Lisa have become very independent and constantly organizing and prioritizing her life as well as her work flow.

Although she love to help others at times she find it difficult to help herself. So, she seeks spiritual guidance and advice from others by going to church every Sunday  and reading the bible, blogs and books. She also run, meditate and practice yoga to keep her stress level down. Zumba is her choice of exercise because she love to dance.


Style: Voice of the blog!

Inspirational – cliché = Encouraging

Helpful – overbearing = Advantageous

Honest – fudging = Unpretentious

Simple – exhaustive = straightforward

Fun – corny = Entertaining



Specific (not general or vague) - Measureable (quantifiable) 

Appropriate (relates back to your purpose) - Realistic (the scope isn't too big)

Time-Bound (has a deadline)


  • Gain at least 100 followers by the first year anniversary
  • Feature a post from my blog in at least one major publication in two years
  • Get interviewed because of the buzz my blog have created about the different ways its been encouraging people by at least six well know publication in the next three years
  • Get great recognition about my writing style in the next five years


Brand Statement

Life and things is a Unpretentious, Encouraging, and straightforward blog focused on providing content about the importance of communication in our life and ideas to achieve a more fun and purposeful lifestyle. To seekers, faithful thinkers, and those who want to be adventurous so that we can increase awareness about ways communication impact our lifestyle, habits, and goals. We also want to help people live a fun and purposeful lifestyle.