Some Photoshop fantasy

Some Photoshop fantasy - student project


My name is Sasha. it was very exiting to learn drawing in Photoshop, before I tried only Illustrator. So I didn't have any idea how is working Photoshop for drawing. When I sow this class i decide I have to learn finally! Thank you Gabrielle so much for sharing your skills, experience and amazing working process!

So, this is my first art work in Photoshop. And it was so interesting!

I started with sketch but did too fast, I didn't recognize that sketch is a part of artwork, so my sketch is rough and I hide it under all layers ;)

It was still difficult to clean the sketch, I didn't understand how works Color range, this method didn't work with my sketch. I didn't have any concept, just first ideas what came to my head :) But anyway, it was a lot of fun, and I loved the process! Thank you again!