Simple Rocket -> Enhanced 2

Simple Rocket -> Enhanced 2 - student project

3rd Post.

I replaced the sun by a more realistich sun.
I used different Lights instead of an glowing material around a sphere.

I made a custom Texture for the rocket, Played with adding some different metals and painted area's on it.

The rings around the planet look real nice when zoomed in ( I attach an cropped and zoomed image)
I wanted to have the rings cast a shadow on the planet, but couldnt get it to work.

- HR image
- Image of the rings
- Comparrison between 1st, 2nd, and 3rd version.
- Vimeo video

2nd Post

I enhanced my project a bit, by adding a planet with rings and a sun.
Also I made a better looking space background texture.

Attached HR Image and Vimeo movie.

1st Post

Finnally I created and Posted my project.

When I was starting this project a few weeks ago, I got stuck with Cinema 4D Lite not having " extrude inner" to make nice shapes.

Today found some time to work on it focussed and found a solution working for me.

I made the 2 shapes as paths in illustrator and used a "Lathe" for the main rocket shape.
And an "extrude" and "array" for the finns.
I also made a custom metal tiled texture for on the rocket. (It gets a bit distorted at the nose of the rocket)
The reason I used illustrator and not drawing the slines (shape lines) into Cinema 4D is that I am more convertable in Illustrator.

It went all great until I saved frome Cinema 4D lite and imported it into After Effects. The stars (sky opbject) where missing. (it is a limitation of the light version)

As a quick solution for this problem, I used a floor and rotated 90 degrees so that it is a wall, and i textured it with a custom space backgroud that i created in Photoshop.

I am quite pleased with the result, and by hitting the (technical) obstacles, I realy learned a lot.

- HR render
- Vimeo link to the animation
- Screenshot of basic Illustrator shape
- Screenshot of How i did it in Cimea 4D

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